We enable you to differentiate your brand and increase brand loyalty with Scent Marketing. Think of a wonderful fragrance, where was it? It is very likely you remembered exactly where. Our aim for your company to increase your bottom line through this phenomenon. Your customers’ sense of smell is an untapped targeted marketing strategy that allows your brand to come alive all while making it memorable and recognisable at the same time. Scent marketing is a subtle but powerful way to get people to attach positive attributes to your business brand. This will be adding finer finishes to compliment your product and this will allow a pleasurable experience for your clients as well as your organisation. Our scent vapour is fine, dry, invisible and as subtle as authentic aromas which will keep your business booming.

The fresh smell of laundry in your laundromat or that ocean aroma as people walk into your travel company are Scent Marketing products. We aim to fit your physical foundations without being intrusive to your structure and at the same time fit to your marketing budget without causing your business stress. Our scent technologies diffuse scents through the HVAC or ducting systems in your space and this system was specially developed for scenting large areas and can conveniently be installed alongside the central ventilation system, while Plug and Play units are used for smaller spaces. Our reliable technical team install your scent diffusers with ease. You’ll also be visited monthly or bimonthly by our team for fragrance replenishment and along with that you will get all the support that you need.

Whether you have a complex space, working warehouse or a bespoke business we will tailor our product suited to your needs and we certainly understand that you may want to change things up. With our devices we can alternate fragrances every 24 hours or scent different areas with individual aromas but we’re not going to clutter your space either, we have the resources to design one machine just for you that targets several areas. We also understand that sometimes more is more and at other times less is more and that is why we have designed intricate settings on our diffusers that are adjustable for when you have a bustling day in business or a quieter period.

BrandScents is a proudly South African and independent company with vast research under our noses and years of experience within the Scent Marketing business. You’ll have the quality your business deserves without the extravagant costs because we manufacture locally which makes BrandScents highly competitive in a market where similar products are imported. Every aspect of our production is state of the art, from our scent diffuser engineering to our fragrance vapour. You will not only have quality control in every area of your scent diffuser package, you’ll have the service and support of our entire team behind you. Send us a message below, email us or call us to get a quote on your scent marketing package.


Founded in 2005 by Gillian Meiring and Daryl du Toit, BranScents are notably the pioneers in the field of Scent Marketing development in South Africa.

Being locally based and being an independent company means that BrandScents are not tied to one specific fragrance house. That means that we have access to the widest possible range of aromas available in the industry.

Since BrandScents was the first innovators of Scent Marketing in South Africa, the company brings years of knowledge and expertise to the marketing industry.

We are able to design bespoke scents for your company means that BrandScents have a vast scent library filled with options to evoke a wide range of emotions and reactions targeted to your clients.

We work hand in hand with brand owners to design and blend unique brand fragrances and also to implement and install the best hardware required to diffuse the scent.

Let’s grab a coffee together and see what we can do to change your environment into a sophisticated subtle marketing space.

Gillian Meiring, C.O.O,  was announced as a finalist in the Women of Substance awards in 2015 for her contribution to business and community.

BrandScents walked away with second runner up in the Africa Growth SMME Awards in the Manufacturing sector in 2015.

Winner of Barclays Bank, Bridge International Competition, which resulted in an all expenses paid trip to London.

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our clients

It is a pleasure doing business with a company that knows what they are doing and continuously look for new products that will enhance their product range. Keep up the good work.” – Tienie Van Wyk Maintenance Manger,  Carnival City.

“When our clients walk in they say that it smells like a holiday” – Flight center, Menlyn Branch