Scent marketing has proved to contribute to sales and brand identities in numerous industries. It is, therefore, no surprise that your more conservative industries have embraced intentional scenting. These industries include financial institutions that are using aromas as a frontier for branding and client communication.


Why banks should be scented

Individuals who find themselves in a bank, most likely, don’t want to be there. There is a hurried and anxious energy that is often felt when entering this space. This negative experience is engraved into the minds of all customers. This has forced banks to seek innovative ways to win and retain clients.

Adding a well-thought-out fragrance throughout all bank branches will create a relaxing atmosphere. This will calm both busy tellers, bankers and customers. Banking experiences will thus be perceived as less dull and stressful.

Our scenting systems are therefore a subtle yet powerful tool that will help your brand forge emotional connections with the general public. After all the root of successful scent marketing lies in odour control.

Employing a signature scent throughout your bank means that your intent is to set a tone of comfort, relaxation and peace of mind. Money, whether it is a little or a lot, is often a stress for many. Your clients will therefore not only rely on your staff to ease the tension of the environment, but the atmosphere created using an aroma.



          Enhances consumer behaviour in terms of willingness to return, evaluation and emotion

          Allows the company to define itself in its own terms

          A stellar rebranding tool

          Reinforces brand identity

          Dictates the energy of your space, whether that is emotional, electrifying or comforting


Scents best suited for banks

     Our light citrus fragrances will create a mood-elevating and energising atmosphere

     Lemongrass will offer your bank a spurt of liveliness and vigour

     The sandalwood fragrance will improve mental clarity, concentration and problem-solving abilities

    Lavender will invoke a sense of calm, relaxation and serenity

    The use of our Vanilla scent will demonstrate a sense of warmth and comfort

–     Or design a signature scent that links the logo, corporate identity and brand colours to a fragrance which a customer would associate with that brand and which would resonate as authentic and obviously connected

The next time that you walk into a bank, make sure to take a second to see if you notice any scents in the space. Most local financial institutions are sending powerful messages using intricately designed scents!

If you own or work at a bank get in contact with us by clicking here so that we can customise the perfect scent for your organisation.