Create a motivating work environment for employees in 2018

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As smells of Christmas start wearing away, everyone is gearing up to get back into routine in 2018. When your employees’ alarms go off on their first day back at work, they probably won’t be springing out of bed and when they get to work, it’s important that you create an atmosphere for them to feel motivated in and create a motivating work environment.

By diffusing certain smells throughout your building, you can keep employees motivated from day 1, boost productivity and increase your bottom line. As scent specialists, we have compiled a list of the most motivating scents that will uplift employee moods, increase productivity and prolong concentration.


Motivating work environment scents



Citrus scents include orange, lemon, tangerine, lime and grapefruit – to name a few. By diffusing these smells throughout the office you can increase energy levels and alertness. Citrus scents often evoke a feeling of cleanliness. By diffusing citrus scents in an environment, one creates the feeling of a cleaner working environment.



If employees work in high-stress environments, diffusing the smell of lavender will decrease levels of emotional stress – calming mental states almost instantly and restoring focus. Nervous tension is alleviated and employees can function with a clear and calm state of mind.



Smelling peppermint stimulates and invigorates the mind by promoting alertness and increasing cognitive stamina. Employees maintain levels of concentration, for longer. Peppermint is also a super scent to combat any fatigue employees may feel as they return to work in the New Year.



After almost a month away, brains may be a bit mushy and attention spans may dwindle. The sweet smell of cinnamon sharpens minds and boosts employee brain power. Employees will focus for longer and maintain higher levels of concentration. Bonus – it’s also a scent associated with Christmas festivities which may promote feelings of nostalgia.



To fight physical exhaustion and mental fatigue, rosemary is as an excellent pick-me-up to get employees up and going. It’s exactly what they need to combat any trace of holiday slump!

At BrandScents, we’re able to craft a unique scent combining the key properties of these scents to ensure you have the most motivating atmosphere on the block!

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