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June – July 2016 Journal of Strategic Marketing “Sensory Marketing” Page 40-42

International studies indicate that consumers will stay for longer periods of time in scented places and will perceive the quality of the product or service offered to be of a higher value because of this they will regard the environment to be more luxurious…

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August 2016 Prudential Quarterly Publication, Winter 2016 “Marketing Sense” Page 20-21

In a time where branding is everything, scent marketing is all about influencing the customer’s experience of a brand at an emotional level. Gillian Meiring, co-founder and director at BrandScents, says that scent plays a powerful role in building brand identity…

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September 2016 - Mad Hatters High Tea at Aurelia’s

On Saturday 3 September, BrandScents were invited to scent the launch of the Mad Hatters High Tea at Aurelia’s at Emperors Palace. The event was held in conjunction with Verve’s Angela Day and Emperors Palace. Gillian was privileged to meet Jenny Kay, who heads up the Angela Day team and Chef Justin who heads up the Aurelia’s team. Unfortunately, neither Jenny nor Justin’s culinary skills, rubbed off on Gillian and the family were treated to burnt toast on Saturday night. 

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November 2017 - Mad Hatters High Tea at Aurelia’s

There is an inextricable link between scent and our emotions. Who can resist the aroma of freshly baked bread wafting out of a bakery or the scent of a brand new car? Scent affects our mood and creates perceptions of professionalism and luxury. Scent Marketing can create a “home away from home” atmosphere in big corporates.

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