Spring in South Africa marks the start of the last push to year-end. For most employees, this time can start to get a little more challenging. The last 10% is always harder than the previous 90%. It’s very common that this last effort is difficult, to the point where people begin to relax and stop working as hard. So how do you avoid this feeling spreading through your workplace like an infectious disease?

Help them find some year-end motivation

Think of this last part of the year as a gym workout. You start out really positive and strong, and as you get more tired towards the end you may start to lag a little. What any great personal trainer will tell you is that we only get stronger when it’s difficult. This is the time to push through and find the motivation to succeed. One subconscious method of motivation can actually come from those fresh spring scents we mentioned above!    

Motivation scents inspired by spring

Ah, the wonderful scents of spring. The first thing that may come to mind is the earthy, floral smell of fresh flowers – but there are actually plenty of scents you haven’t considered. Filling your office space with these scents can bring that springtime feeling of rejuvenation and renewal. Here are a few of our favourite fresh spring scents:

  1. Floral Scentsspring

The best part about spring is the warmer air – allowing you to enjoy the all outdoor fragrances on offer. New flowers blooming give off the familiar floral scents we normally expect from spring. But if you are stuck in an office all day, it’s hard to appreciate these scents for what they are. This is why we value the importance of bringing outdoor scents in, with scents like:

  • Jasmine

This scent is a natural remedy for stress, anxiety and depression. It is calming and soothing and can bring feelings or optimism and confidence -which can help your employees cope with the stresses of those year-end deadlines.

  • Lavender

Just like Jasmine, Lavender is one of those calming, revitalising scents that can relieve nervous tension.

  1. Leafy and Earthy Scents

Spring doesn’t just bring new flowers, but new earthy growth too. Here are a few leafy scents that can help you bring the prosperity back into your office:

  • Eucalyptus

This scent is a powerful tool for productivity. This refreshing scent is often used in the shower where the steam allows the scent to spread all over. This scent makes you sharper and more alert, so having it in the office is a plus for workflow!

  • Rosemary

You may picture this scent with a hot South African Christmas roast, but did you know that Rosemary is actually a stimulating and energising, pick-me-up scent?

  1. Fresh and Citrus Scents

If your office is in need of an end of year energy boost, fresh and citrus scents could do the trick.

  • Lemon

This bright yellow citrus fruit produces a scent that is uplifting and fresh. It is known to not only boost your mood, but it can also stimulate the nervous system.

  • Peppermint

If you’re looking to feel alert, awake and refreshed, look no further than peppermint. This vibrant scent is perfect for feeling energised and ready for the day.We’ve got these scents, and more, available in our various Reed Diffusers ranges, or you could request a customised scent solution to spread your scent through a larger space. This way, your business can finish the year strong and start next year, even stronger!