Considering Scent Marketing?

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Some kind of sorcery?

If you’ve ever experienced the effects of scent marketing, you know that it’s totally unavoidable. You can’t help but notice when there is a specific, unique scent in the area. It’s not some crazy magic (although sometimes we like to think it is), but instead due to incredible diffusion systems.

The BrandScents system was specifically developed to scent large areas and spaces. We install the system alongside a building or space’s central ventilation system. The system is available in different modules and the unit ensures an even distribution of the scent and subtle effect. You can choose to scent one room with different aromas or to scent different rooms with differing aromas.


Why would you want to scent one room with different aromas or to scent different rooms with differing aromas?

  1. To change scents throughout the day to suit different atmospheres
  2. Appealing to different crowds at certain times of the day
  3. To release your signature scent during the most optimal time of the day

You have the option to change aromas during a 24 hour cycle which allows you to influence your environment at different times, seasons and for different reasons.


BrandScents’ unique features

It’s possible to alter and adjust the intensity of aromas – a feature unique about to BrandScents system.  During peak times you can choose to increase scent diffusion while during quieter times, you may choose to lower the intensity of the fragrance and rate of diffusion.

The system itself features an advanced diffusion technology. Liquid fragrance is converted into fine, dry, invisible vapour which is what you smell.

Rest assured – the unique scent and fragrance you smell certainly isn’t some kind of trickery. It’s  indeed the product of an intricate, well-thought out technical process.


Variables to consider before utilizing a scent diffusion system

Before scenting a space, we consider the natural airflow of the area. A building’s HVAC often influences the available airflow. (A building’s what?) HVAC is an acronym for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. The HVAC systems are used to provide heating and cooling services to buildings and have become the required industry standard for new building construction.

Matching the correct scent system to the design and layout of the HVAC system requires careful consideration. You need to consider using a scenting company that manufactures to the specifications of your desired space. Instead of scenting 10 areas with 10 different machines, BrandScents will design and manufacture a single unit to meet your requirements which of course, brings down costs and makes scent marketing and olfactory branding super affordable.

Alignment is key to success

While the equipment must be matched and aligned to the layout and technical aspects of a building, the fragrance chosen must be aligned with the culture, brand and desired impression. Choose your scents wisely because scent triggers feelings, memories and behavior.

The scent specialists you choose to scent your space will be able to help you throughout the scent selection process right the way through to deciding how much of and how often to diffuse your unique, bespoke fragrance that will leave long lasting impressions no matter the season, whether or other external factors.

Embarking on a scent marketing journey shouldn’t be scary. We’ll kit you up, have you smelling wonderful and send you on your way to diffuse your brand into the big, wide world.

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