You have the perfect dress, you’ve chosen the flowers, you’ve booked the venue and the decor has been decided on. The big question is – have you decided on how you want your wedding day to smell? Yes, you read that right. Your big day is missing a wedding scent. 

A wedding scent can help you to tug on the emotional heartstrings of your guests (and your own). A wedding scent that is custom-designed to you, your big day and your special moments together as a couple will enhance the atmosphere and feelings of happiness and love on the day. And, of course, spark nostalgia for years to come every time you get a whiff of your special wedding day fragrance.

The significance of scent

A fragrance has the unique ability to instantly transport you to a specific moment and place. Whether it’s your gran’s cookies baking in the oven, the smell of the ocean breeze on holiday or freshly cut grass on a Saturday morning. It comes as no surprise that couples are now starting to curate the perfect scent for their big day. Putting in as much thought and care into it as they would any aspect of the wedding.

Did you know that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle chose a selection of floral and fresh fragrances to scent their wedding?

Creating a scent to remember for years to come

A wedding scent does what photos and a video can’t, it allows you to travel back in time for years to come. Every time you take a whiff, you go back to the special moments of your special day. You get taken back to the moment you hugged your friends and family after saying “I do”. You’re immediately taken back to the smiles on your guests’ faces as you walked down the aisle as newlyweds and the look in your partner’s eyes as they confessed their undying love for you.

How a wedding is scented

The scent of a wedding goes beyond the perfume or fragrance you wear, the flowers and the candles. In being experts in Scent Marketing for brands, BrandScents have been creating custom scents for years. We’ve grown to be connoisseurs in creating scents that make you feel something spectacular, invoke nostalgia and transport you to a different place.

How we scent a wedding will depend on your venue (ideally an indoor wedding). Our scent technologies will diffuse your chosen scent through the HVAC or ducting system in the space. This is great for large areas. For smaller spaces, we have fantastic Plug and Play units. No matter your venue choice, we can help to optimise the space to your chosen scent.

How to choose the perfect scent for your wedding

We work with you to ensure we capture the right emotions and feelings you want to experience on your special day. Whether you want a smell that will take you back to your childhood or to a special holiday or even a first date – we make it happen.

The scent profile of your wedding

Before you decide on a scent for your wedding, you need to think about the scent profile of your entire wedding. For example, the flowers in the decor will influence the scent, the candles, the food and your bouquet. If you have a very floral-orientated wedding, then we recommend adding something softer like a citrus scent. Citrus will complement the floral and add an air of sophistication and depth.

To give you an idea of what certain scents are associated with, have a look at the below:

  • Citrus is clean, fresh, energising and sparkling
  • Floral is romantic and feminine
  • Fruity is fun, young and lively

What scents are symbolic of marriage or love?

Perhaps you want something that symbolises the love and emotion on your wedding day. Here are some scents that will do just that…

  • Orange blossom symbolises innocence, purity and eternal love
  • Lavender is a relaxing smell and symbolises loyalty
  • Jasmine evokes feelings of joy and happiness
  • Rose is the scent of love, passion and a romantic soul

Give your scent to guests to take home – a keepsake unlike any other

Once we have worked together to create the perfect wedding scent for you, our Reed Diffusers can serve as a keepsake from your wedding for guests to take home. We create personalised Reed Diffuser bottles to deliver fragrance. It does this using a wick system. The fragrance seeps up through the reeds, dispersing the scent into the air. Your guests can be transported back to the day of your wedding every time they walk past the diffuser.

Your special day is a big moment in your life, make sure you have the right scent to set the scene and ambience of love and celebration.

For more information on scenting weddings, the cost to design a scent and creating bespoke reed diffuser sets as keepsakes, email us on gillian@brandscents.co.za.