Studies have long shown that the cost of acquiring new customers is far more than the cost of retaining existing ones. The same goes for your hard-working employees – hiring and training new employees takes time and money. And a good relationship with a supplier goes a long way, when there is an urgent deadline to meet and you need stock.  

A great way to show your gratitude is through corporate gifting. If you appreciate your clients, suppliers, and employees it’s well worth it to show them.

Why corporate gifting is important for your business!

  • Build company morale and unity

Without your team, it would be very difficult to run your business. Corporate gifts given internally are a great way to show them you appreciate their work and you recognise their part in the greater good of the company.

  • Gifting sets you apart from your competitors

In today’s world with the overload of choice, brand loyalty is diminishing. Something as simple as sending your client a gift, shows them you are different from other brands they come into contact with, and that you want to create a long-lasting relationship with them. Your small act of kindness could have major implications on your brand perception, the likelihood of repeat business and increased referrals.

  • Staying in touch keeps the relationship open

Corporate gifting gives you a reason to reach out to your customer base and reconnect without asking anything of them. The client may even reply to your thoughtful gift, providing you with the opportunity to discuss ongoing business needs and solutions.

  • Gifts bridge geographical divides

In this digital age, we are now able, more than ever, to do business with people from around the world. This is incredible for business, but can often create a sense of disconnect amongst stakeholders. Sending a gift will help bridge the divide by making them feel close to you regardless of distance.

5 ingredients for the perfect corporate gift

It can take a bit of time and money to send out corporate gifts, but when done right, the returns almost always outweigh those initial costs.

1. Check corporate policies

Many companies have a gift policy in place, which limits the cost of a gift or may even prohibit gifts. Be sure to check with your recipients, to determine the limitations of gift giving so they don’t have to return the item.

2.  Remember, it’s not about you

There is a difference between a promotional gift and a corporate gift.

A promotional gift is like an ongoing advertisement for your brand. The goal is to get the gift into as many hands as possible e.g. a branded pen.

A corporate gift, on the other hand, is used to show appreciation, enhance corporate image, and create goodwill among customers, employees, suppliers and essential stakeholders. If this is your goal, save the logo-laden trinkets and focus on the receiver and what they may like.

3. Ensure you have spelt your recipient’s name correctly

This may sound like common sense, but incorrect name spelling is more common than you think. Getting your stakeholder’s name wrong on a gift is a complete no-no. Incorrect spelling will turn those happy feelings you want the recipient to feel, into a feeling of annoyance. If you are unsure about the spelling, do some research to get it right.

4. Know your recipient in order to avoid offending someone

When buying a gift for someone, we also need to understand that everybody is different and that we live in a diverse country, with different cultures and beliefs, so it is imperative that we make sure our gift is not offensive nor does it go against their way of living.

5. Deliver Personally  

To really go the extra mile and show your stakeholder you appreciate them, consider personally delivering the gift, if possible. A personally delivered gift will keep you top of the mind and may allow you to engage a bit further and develop your relationship with the recipient or even their gatekeeper.

How scent can set your brand apart

Behavioural studies show that aromas trigger memories and emotions, more so than experiences we have with our other four senses. By connecting to the part of the brain responsible for emotion, scent allows you to connect deeply with your customers, even when you are not with them.

Fragrances are not just beautiful smells, they are a means of communication. If a picture paints a thousand words then fragrance tells a thousand stories.

Our gorgeous Reed Diffusers are lovingly made right here in S.A., and are presented in a high quality glass bottle with 10 natural rattan reeds.  The bottles can be refilled and reused, keeping your brand top-of-mind, now and in the future. Re-use means we are also doing our bit for the planet.  Our diffusers become the messenger of your brand’s greatness and the olfactory connection between you and your stakeholders and we offer you the option to brand them with your own personalised message which makes them even more unique.

Let’s face it, everyone loves receiving gifts, and the great thing about gift-giving is that you can do it any time of year. While the majority of corporate gifts go out between November and January, don’t limit yourself to this season. You want your gifts to stand out and be memorable. Your clients will love you for being authentic and thoughtful.