Stepping into your favourite coffee shop to smell the aroma of beans brewing can really brighten your day. In the same way that a blown-out candle can have you thinking “happy birthday!” This is because scents house an incredible power in even the smallest doses. The power to influence the way we remember something, our feelings towards our experiences, and even our actions. With this impact so evident in our psychological well-being, is it possible that scents can affect our physical well-being too?


Can Scents Affect our Health?

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People have been sniffing up the scents of essential oils for years due to their health benefits. Aromatherapy, for example, is a holistic and natural treatment for a variety of ailments. And it really does help – whether you suffer from fatigue, nausea or headaches, there’s an oil for you. It’s a good way to grow out of our habit for taking pills and opt for a more natural cure.

The people that use natural and alternative methods to improve health extend further than you may think. Gone are the days when natural health alternatives only appealed to “the new age.” There is a growing trend towards health consciousness in different markets including food, medicines and (you guessed it) scents. With consumers pushing for all things natural and healthy, is it beneficial for your brand to align with these ideals?


Does Your Brand Smell Like Health?


If your brand has a health-focused image (or you feel it should), a healthy scent will enhance a guest’s experience. Surely a healthy option restaurant should smell like fresh vegetables and herbs? Or a fitness facility, where a perky fragrance can liven up the mood and gives gym-goers energy – or at least mask the smell of body odour. As long as the scent lines up with the message you want to give customers, it can help to improve the overall customer experience.

What’s important at the end of the day is how your customers feel about you, and there’s no faster connection to emotion than scent. Wouldn’t you always want your customers to walk away from your space feeling healthy and happy?


How Can Your Brand Incorporate a Healthy Scent?

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Filling your space with healthy scents doesn’t require putting a million open bottles of essential oils on the shelves. Scent can be diffused throughout an entire space using technology that accommodates your existing structures and space size. So no matter if your space is big or small, scent marketing companies like BrandScents can bring in the right scent presence.


So What Does Health Smell Like?


If health happens to match your brand offering, you may be considering including scent in your key touchpoints. But choosing the right scents can be a little tough. For some healthy scent inspiration, here are some examples your brand could use to promote health in every aspect of the customer experience:

• Apple

The smell of apple can actually help you keep to those healthy eating goals. The scent helps to minimise cravings so you can avoid dipping into the hard to resist indulgences too often.

• Orange

The scent of orange is just as beneficial as the vitamins inside. Just one sniff can eliminate stress-related ailments like body aches and pains.

• Lavender

This calming scent is the perfect natural addition to a spa or massage parlour. It helps relieve anxiety and even works to combat pain.

• Herbal

Herbal scents remind you of being in nature and are the right match for brands that encourage this lifestyle; making customers yearn for fresh air and a connection with the outdoors.  

• Eucalyptus

Using eucalyptus in a steam shower is known to clear nasal passages and get rid of mucus. This immune-boosting scent is the epitome of health and wellness.

If you are still having difficulty choosing which scent smells just right for your brand, BrandScents can help you find the perfect match.

With the customer experience becoming a vital aspect of successful business, could your brand benefit from a healthy scent? Let us know in the comments.