A trade show or expo is the three-in-one experience. You get to show off your products or services to an audience that is there because they are actually interested in your industry. It’s a special space where your potential customers are right there in front of you, instead of having to go out and find them. A trade show also gives you the opportunity to then speak to these customers face to face – the best possible way to form relationships. Lastly, you’ll get to check out all your competitors – without the creepy “sunglasses and a hat” disguise. Through all this benefit, you may be thinking, “what’s the catch?”

Unfortunately, you aren’t the only player out of the field.  Everyone who’s anyone in your industry will probably be there too. Which means you’ll have to compete for your customer’s attention to make the most of your show. Most companies make use of elaborate signs and displays, attempting to be as eye-catching as possible. But, because most companies use this tactic, the trade show becomes a visual overload.

One differentiating tactic is using a different sensory device altogether: scent. Scent marketing is the use of smell to differentiate your brand (or in this case, your stand) from others and increase customer loyalty. Here are some of the benefits of scent marketing during a trade show.

Attract Visitors to Your Stand

As mentioned, everyone at a trade show is fighting for the attention of customers. There will be an overwhelming amount of pamphlets, demonstrations and talks to pry the attention from your hands. These methods are largely overused, which is why scent marketing offers a unique alternative to customer attraction. We are inexplicably drawn to scents we prefer, and even try to seek out the source of the scent. By attaching your brand to the source of the scent, you’ll stand out from the crowd of competitors.

You’ll want to attract customers for the right reasons, so choosing a scent that relates closely to your brand offering is important. A travel company might use the smell of an ocean breeze to remind customers of a beach vacation. A coffee company uses the aroma of their beans to entice caffeine-crazy customers. Your scent should always resonate with your target audience and help them form an emotional association with your brand.

Reach Visitors on an Emotional Level

Smell is the fastest access to our emotions. Scientific research shows that a person’s sense of smell influences their mood, the time they spend in a space and whether they want to experience that space again.  It’s not something they will forget either, as smell triggered memories are our most powerful. The way your stand smells will be entrenched in their minds, giving customers a lasting impression to keep them coming back for more. Wouldn’t it be ideal if they could experience this scent through every brand touch point? This is where a signature scent comes in.

Differentiate Your Brand

A trade show is only half utilised without a follow-up. Once your customers have formed an emotional connection to your brand’s scent, it makes strategic sense to remind them of their experience in future. You use the same scent in further customer touchpoints with your brand. You could even work alongside BrandScents to develop this scent into a signature scent over time. This scent becomes a unique association for customers with your brand. It should allow customers to attract positive attributes to your brand and remember these for future visits. This scent becomes an inseparable part of your brand’s image.

When using scent marketing, you’ll attract customers, form deeper connections to them and differentiate yourself from competitors. This is a vital part of standing out during a trade show and making the most of this marketing opportunity.

Want to utilise the benefits of scent marketing for your new expo? Contact BrandScents for help in finding the perfect scent.