Why should companies prioritise the fresh and clean appeal of their corporate bathrooms? Because potential clients will on average experience both your lobby and your bathroom. These two spaces therefore become of utmost importance in setting the scene and tone of your brand. It takes a client 7 seconds to decide whether they wish to stay in a specific establishment. Operating beyond physical appearances will add to the stature and impression of your company.

Company reputation

To put it bluntly, companies that neglect their bathroom spaces create negative public perceptions. This is sure to impact client engagements and subsequently affect turnovers. Malodours, regardless of the enterprise’s size, will demonstrate a sense of neglect on the part of management. Adding a complementary scent to your bathroom will show proficiency and initiative.

A company’s reputation is based on providing a superior offering. This means showing holistic care and superiority from bigger corporate responsibilities to the smaller details. Starting with the smell of your corporate bathrooms! It would be damaging to underestimate the power of perception.

Scent continues to emerge as a lasting marketing tool and branding element. It is often deemed the silent investment that helps communicate the intent of your company. This goes beyond verbal and visual stimuli. The technique of scent marketing in larger corporate bathrooms continues to be on the rise. This is due to its ability to act as this sensory prompt, creating alluring connections with clients.

The right scent

Choosing the correct scent for your larger office lavatories will reinforce relations with clients. This takes place on a unique level whilst simultaneously reinforcing your brand image. This will drive loyalty amongst potential and existing clients. Your establishment will also demonstrate sophisticated corporate air-care.

The right scent in your company bathrooms will contribute to corporate morale amongst your employees. It will create an atmosphere of rejuvenation and private restoration. This will improve employee work attitudes and performance. This is achieved as they acknowledge that all aspects of their work-life meeting the high standards of the company.


  • Creates a positive connotation and perception of your organisation’s product and service value
  • Broadens your target market by stimulating the olfactory system
  • Increases potential dwelling time, with many clients willing to engage with your brand for an extended period; taking in the subtle nuances of your scented space
  • Strengthen your company ethos of integrity, quality and confidence; forging emotional links between your clients, employees and your brand
  • Gives you a competitive edge over your direct competitors as this scenting solution adds to the power of your marketing strategy and adds another dimension of brand recognition

Which scent will work for your office bathrooms?

Incorporating a refreshing, clean and rejuvenating aroma will add to the appeal of this space. Do not limit yourself to your more conventional bathroom scents like lemon or lavender.  Our range is extensive and warrants your experimentation.

If your corporate space follows a theme, using a coordinating scent in your bathroom will highlight branding synergy. For darker, more marbleised spaces, using a more contemporary scent like Cedarwood. This will better showcase the natural styling and boost the existing aesthetic of the office.

Corporate offices that embrace a more masculine appeal are advised to use a more sophisticated option like the Vetiver Cedar. Our higher-end fragrances will suit these spaces better. Incorporating scent design in your bathrooms will, therefore, create fluidity between each room. This is particularly relevant in your bathrooms, that are often neglected.

Not sure which scent works best for your communal lavatories? Contact us here to set up a consult!

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