The transport industry continues to find new avenues to increase the wellbeing and comfort of its passengers. This has left them looking at the intentional scenting of these spaces. Whether their aim is to establish client loyalty or brand awareness, the addition of scent marketing has proved beneficial.


Airlines using the olfactory opportunity

Airlines have begun capitalising on the ability for the mind to associate memories with a scent. Whether the airline is positioning itself in a way that it calms anxious fliers, adds a sense of luxury or creates a hygienic and inviting space, scenting does it all!  It is essentially about enhancing passenger experiences, for both regular clients to first-time fliers.


Airports and airplanes: focusing on all the senses

There are many external factors that can disrupt our flying experience. From turbulence, crying babies to the guy snoring next to you. Even with the liquor, tranquil spa-inspired music playing in the lounges and amenity kits, airlines are now forced to look closer at client comfort. Since they’ve tackled touch, taste and sight it’s time to tackle the last sense: smell. How? Through corporate airline scenting.

Why your airline should be scented

Whenever you’re in a space with limited ventilation, the chances of the air turning unpleasant are increased tenfold. Airplanes are a perfect example of this. To make matters worse, you’re probably in this space for an extended period. The combination of passengers, the stale air from the aircraft and on-board food, leaves passengers with an unpleasant mix of odours.

When it comes to airports, you have a similar problem. With the high number of foot traffic, odours are bound to emerge. This space is also your touchpoint before and after you travel. It is crucial that this space ensures that passengers feel welcomed, prioritised and catered to.


The power of scent marketing

As airlines continue to compete to attract and retain new clients, the need for brand advocacy becomes more pronounced. Placing complementary scents in member lounges, cabins and airline lavatories proves crucial.

At Brand Scents we ensure that the scent is delicate and pleasant as opposed to a distracting and overpowering fragrance. We recommend using our sandalwood, lemongrass, lavender adding citrus fragrances that are known to promote relaxation.



          Creates a relaxing environment. This will help reduce the stress and anxiety experienced by nervous travellers.

          A sense of luxury is established. A rich scent dispensed throughout will give the impression of prestige and value.

          Improved sleep. International travels will benefit from our scents that promote better quality sleep.

          Enhances your brand perception. This will increase traveller retention and on-board sales.


Who’s using scent marketing?

Scent marketing has proved to help the following airlines strengthen their presence in commercial aviation:

          Singapore Airlines

         British Airways

          United Airlines



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