Decorex is Johannesburg’s premier décor, design and lifestyle exhibition and this year they celebrated a successful 25 years. The event continues to shape the industry each and every year, bringing audiences exciting new spaces, trending designs and spectacular displays. We always look forward to this huge event for its bright colours, unique shapes and all kinds of visually pleasing elements. But what we always remember the most are different scents of Decorex.

Scent is one of those things that gets engrained so deeply in our minds that it even reaches our long-term memory. This is because our piriform cortex in our brain serves as an archive for long-term memories and is closely tied with the functions of your nose. This is why scent has the ability to make us instantly nostalgic.

Decorex Johannesburg was filled with all kinds of scents from every design category. This year, we look back on some of these spaces, and the scents you might have noticed lingering around the stands. We cover scents in the home, outdoors, art gallery, kitchen, bathroom and restaurant spaces, as well as delve a little deeper into the scents BrandScents and Reed Diffusers brought you this year:

Home Decordecorex

  1. Wood

Some of the furniture features you might have discovered include luxury wooden elements like the furniture from Yard Seventeen. Their custom and handcrafted designs are the essence of traditional meets modern, where you get that gorgeous wood feel with an elegant and sleek touch. Whether you sat at a cedar table or admired some blackwood shelves, you will probably remember the woody scents of Decorex quite fondly.

  1. Fabric

We’re sure you saw almost every kind of fabric at Decorex – from the soft glow of silk to the embracing feel of cotton. The scents of these fabrics come alive as you snuggle up in a duvet or press a soft pillow to your face. If these scents made you feel particularly @home at the expo, be sure to check out their range of homeware to bring the familiar scent of fabric into your space.

Outdoor Livingdecorex

  1. Fresh Cut Grass

With one step Decorex took you into the outdoors, and you experienced the scents of freshly cut grass. You might remember this scent from a time you walked near the Ego South Africa showcase. Their range of garden tools helps individuals to master outdoor designs and get the perfect garden look. Do you remember this scent from the past weekend?

  1. Soil

What goes well with the scent of grass? Fresh earth and soil of course. There’s nothing better than getting your hands dirty and accomplishing something in the garden. When you passed Builders Warehouse at Decorex, you may have caught this scent in the air. This was probably also the time you thought it might be good to finish those pesky garden DIY projects you’ve been meaning to get around to.

Art Gallerydecorex

  1. Paint

Decorex was presented by none other than Plascon SA – which explains the vibrant colours you enjoyed all weekend long. While you got some great paint inspiration during your visit, you’ll remember that fresh paint smell. The scent of new beginnings and exciting changes perhaps?

  1. Soap

If you saw Paint Nite at Decorex chances are you didn’t want to walk past. Once you were completely inspired by the professional art showcased at Decorex, it’s hard to not feel like getting creative with the canvas too. Why was this station a soap-filled scent experience? Because after all the fun, you probably had to wash your hands of all the paint. You know you’ve had a great time when things got a little messy.


  1. Spices

It’s easy to imagine yourself cooking up a storm in some of the designer kitchens at Curves and Bevels. The perfect space to chop, peel, simmer and roast all your favourite meals. What’s even better is that this year they gave away a full kitchen. We can still smell the aroma of different spices coming from their gorgeous kitchens.

  1. Minty Fresh

We all love a spotless, clean kitchen. There’s nothing that says clean and fresh quite like the scent of mint, and when you look at Franke SA it’s the first thing that comes to mind. Their modern kitchen designs brought 3 words to our minds – fresh, clean and simple.


  1. Flowers

Flowers are always a part of the design world, and when it comes to bathrooms, floral scents help to bring life into modern design. Check out this Decorex blog for a rundown of trending floral looks that you might have seen (or smelled).

  1. Lemon

Most people don’t think to use florals to scent a bathroom space and opt for scents that remind us of cleaning products. Lemon is one of these scents that makes a bathroom feel fresh. If you picked up the lemon scent at Decorex, it might have come from the modern and on-trend bathroom designs brought to you by ISCA.

Restaurants and Fooddecorex

  1. Pasta

Of course, the best scents at Decorex came straight from the kitchen. One smell you are bound to remember (and possibly crave once again) is all the different kinds of pasta from Terrazzo Bar. While you enjoyed European inspired dining, you sat at furniture with European inspired design from Woodbender. What a treat to top off a great weekend.

  1. Seared Steak

Decorex featured a gourmet instillation where great food met stunning design by Seatworks at the Rhythm Eatery and Bar. This space was a great spot for expo-goers to enjoy their lunchtime in style.

  1. Coffee

You probably started your morning at Decorex with the scent of coffee from Illy. What a great excuse for a sit-down chat in the midst of the craziness. This scent probably also helped give you the energy to see every stand on the day.

  1. Grapefruit

Gin and grapefruit are two of the same kind. You may have celebrated your time at Decorex with a Gin cocktail and the scent of grapefruit. This wonderful scent combination was found at the Gin Bar at Decorex. We’re sure you enjoyed this space with the best aromas and flavours.

  1. Wine

If Gin’s not your thing, the Tasting Room Wine Bar at Decorex had a wonderful wine experience in store. You don’t even have to be a connoisseur to pick up the scents of wine. Thinking back, do you recall any wine aromas in the air?

  1. Sweet Scents

After enjoying a great meal, you probably felt a little urgency from your sweet tooth. Thankfully, the scent of sweet sugary treats from Cheeky Churros was present at Decorex. Such a unique “treat yourself” moment to remember.

Our Reed Diffuser Standdecorex

Did you stop by the BrandScents stand this year? We featured some unique scents this year at Decorex, including:

Our Vegan Range:

We showcased our new Vegrance range this year, with our vegan, cruelty-free and recyclable packaging products. The range includes the following scents:

  1. Passion

Natural Patchouli and Wood notes that put a fire in your soul and brighten your day. This sweet and dark scent brings an earthy sensuality to any space.

  1. Refreshing

Fresh Mint and Apple notes to make you feel alive and ready for anything. The crisp and cool scent is as the name suggests – really refreshing!

  1. Uplifting

Notes of Lemongrass, Citrus & Ginger that boost your mood. This vibrant scent has intense lemon-like notes mixed with the freshness of ginger.

  1. Healing

Green notes that take you straight into the soothing spaces of nature. This scent will help your indoor space embrace the outdoors.

Some familiar Reed Diffuser Scents

Of course, there are some scents you just can’t ignore because of the nostalgic feelings they evoke. The chances are high that you’ll have some sort of memory or emotion associated with the following scents:

  1. Jasmine

One of the most widely used botanical scents, jasmine is a sweet and enthusiastic fragrance that might lift your spirits.

  1. Vanilla

Vanilla is that simple, warm and comforting scent we all know. It’s used in many different ways and is a very popular fragrance.

  1. Lavender

Lavender is the soothing and relaxing scent often present in spas. It’s calming qualities are what makes the scent popular for everything from essential oils to body washes.

  1. Baby Powder

Not only babies love the scent of baby powder. This slightly floral, soft scent possibly brings back our own most precious childhood memories, and maybe that’s why we love it so much.

The Official Scent of Decorexdecorex

  1. Coco Ylang

Last but definitely not least, the overall scent of Decorex was Coco Ylang. This sweet, island inspired scent was the first thing you would have noticed when you stepped into the Decorex space and it also happens to be our favourite.

What was your favourite Decorex-inspired scent this year?