BrandScents recently had the opportunity to experience everything Spain has to offer. Spain is more than country; it’s a culture and a lifestyle. That unexplainable experience of “living your best life.” This laid back, siesta existence perfectly contrasts the vibrant, lively and passionate customs.

One aspect you’ll always remember about Spain is the food. There are plenty of local markets with fresh foods like meat and fruit. Don’t underestimate the simplicity of a market either, as this food is often the finest quality produce, for the best price! When in Spain, be sure to get a good mix of tapas, paella and gazpacho to name a few.

A major part of what makes food as memorable and enjoyable is the different aromas it exudes. The following scents are examples of some of the things that tell the story of the Spanish experience:




Fresh fruit goes hand in hand with Spanish cooking. A particular citrus fruit used often is oranges. Spain harvests over three million tonnes of oranges each and every year.  Other citrus fruits grown and used in Spain include lemons, limes and kumquats. The Spanish climate even allows for many people to grow these fruits right outside their door. In Valencia, there is even a coastal town named after the smell of orange blossom – Costa del Azahar (coast of orange blossom).

Citrus is also known as a “pick me up” scent. This means that just a whiff of this smell can boost your mood. It’s no wonder the people in Spain are so fiery and energetic.




Another fresh food market classic in Spain is the fig. In ancient times, fig trees were referred to as “the tree of life.” With all the health benefits of eating figs, it is easy to see why. Figs are great for digestion due to their high fibre content. They have a large amount of potassium, which can lower blood pressure. It’s best to eat them at the perfect point of ripeness.

Ripe figs achieve a beautifully rich purple colour. They are ready to eat when they are plump and tender. The most important factor in determining if a fig is ready is to smell them. Figs should smell sweet when they are ripe. Sour figs aren’t the best choice. The Spanish even enhance the sweet flavour by eating them dried and covered in chocolate (higos pasos).

Figs have a woody, fruity scent that is relaxing. When it comes to the scent and smell of figs, you have probably already experienced it. Many fashion boutiques use scent marketing to diffuse this particular smell throughout the store. This sweet smell increases the time customers spend in the store, enhance their overall experience and can even make them spend more.



The coast of Spain bordering the Mediterranean ocean is a remarkable sight. The country has one of the longest Mediterranean coastlines, spanning over 1600 km. There is no better way to experience the Spanish Mediterranean than with gazpacho. This cold tomato and cucumber soup is a summertime classic that you can find at restaurants or beachside food stands.

Besides the delights of gaspacho, the Mediterranean scent is a sea-inspired smell. It embodies the light and bright feel of the beach. It speaks to the vibrant culture of Spain while still giving you the feeling of a relaxing holiday.  This scent is perfect for hospitality venues and events that make you yearn for a beach adventure.


Night Jasmine


Last, but certainly not least, Spain has the scent of night jasmine. Just one plant releases a strong, sweet scent throughout a garden. This plant gets its name from the fact that the sweet smell is more prominent during the night hours.  It thrives in a warmer climate in the full summer sun, making Spain the perfect environment.

This scent has an extremely relaxing and calming effect. It helps to relieve anxiety and promotes restful sleep. If you were wondering where why the Spanish are so laid back, this could be your answer.

Overall, Spain is an incredible experience for any traveller. As far as scent goes, Spain is packed full of the best flavours and aromas. BrandScents is excited to bring the wonders of these scents to different brands across South Africa. To find out more about the perfect scent for your brand, don’t hesitate to contact BrandScents.