Workplace culture comes from a variety of different aspects of your corporation or business. The way the office looks and feels is one aspect. From floor to ceiling, your corporate space excludes your company’s visions, goals and image. Companies place great emphasis on ensuring that this environment fits the bill, and lives up to the name.

However, the most important aspect of workplace culture comes directly from employees. It is not simply the way employees dress or present themselves either. Workplace culture comes directly from employee attitude, business values and communication.

Corporate Culture 


When it comes to the corporate environment, employees know and utilise clear business values and practises at all times. However, it is hard to influence the way an employee feels, and their attitude towards this environment. One tactic used by successful corporate companies is the implementation of scent.  


Scent in Corporate

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Scent has the ability to transform a person’s mood. Our olfactory systems in our body have a close connection to our brains, enabling scents to transform into information. This information can evoke an emotional response that dictates the way we feel. Because the impact of scent is so high, using scent in the corporate environment is a great way to improve the overall atmosphere. This influence can be utilised from the front desk and throughout.


The Front Desk


Arguably one of the most important spaces in a corporate environment; the front desk sets the scene for the entire office. This entry point into the organisation gives you the opportunity to make a good first impression. This includes stakeholders, clients, consumers and just about anyone else that enters the office. The scent they walk into is just as important as the helpful smile on your receptionists face. This is a perfect space for a signature scent. A signature scent helps to differentiate your brand from others, and give a memorable first impression.


The Offices

Scent marketing

Employees spend a lot of their time at work. This environment should be comfortable, a home away from home. Scent can play into employee satisfaction immensely. Up to 75% of the emotions that we experience each day are affected by smell.  Therefore, it makes sense that scent be a major factor in office design.

Scent also has the power to increase employee productivity. For example, peppermint can awaken and refresh the mind.  Jasmine calms nerves while speeding up reaction time. This way, scent can help your employees, as well as your bottom line.


The Boardroom


You want your boardroom to exude success, so why shouldn’t it smell like it? Smell has the power to convey a certain image and create a lasting perception. The scent in your boardroom should also persuade clients to be comfortable spending more time in them.  

The Bathrooms

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You’ve taken the steps to insure that your entire office smells wonderful… you’re all set right? Wrong. Possibly one of the most important spaces that shouldn’t be neglected in the bathroom. There’s nothing worse for clients and employees alike than when a company bathroom smells. This area also tends to be exposed to bad odour more often.

Effort should be put in to insure it constantly smells fresh. Simply keeping bathrooms clean is not the smell solution. Odour can be present in a clean bathroom too. By using fresh scent in the bathrooms like citrus, or floral, you can eliminate unwanted smells.

Complete scent marketing from top to bottom of your business space will improve areas in various ways.  Not only will you make a good impression on your consumers and clients, but you will also improve employee satisfaction. These elements of your business that ultimately improve your bottom line.

Taking on this task can be daunting, considering all the different types of spaces you may need to scent. You can leave everything up to a scent marketing company like Brand Scents, who will sort out all the technicalities for you. Their years of expertise in scent marketing means that you’ve got a personal guide through the entire process.