Have you ever walked into someone’s home or tried on a friend’s jersey, taken a deep breath, and said, “Hmm, this smells like you.”If so, you understand the power that scent has over our associations. This is because our sense of smell is so closely linked to our memories, emotions and our overall perceptions of everything in our lives. For example, the smell of chlorine might take you back to relaxing summers by the pool, or the smell of a blown out candle might instantly take you back to childhood birthday parties.

This is so deeply engrained that we seldom even realise it happening. Sub-consciously, our smell associations with people, places and things can affect the way we feel about them. With this knowledge of the power of smell, brands have the ability to use the sense of smell to form associations. This is where the introduction of the signature scent comes in.

What is a Signature Scent?

A signature scent in the terms of an individual is a personalised scent that is specific to them. This is the smell they carry scent marketingaround with them everywhere. It could be a perfume they always wear that you always associate with them.  Many brands also have signature scents that help to differentiate them from their competitors. Your brand’s signature scent can help you better form an emotional connection with your consumers that will last.

The largest market segment to take on scent marketing is the hotel industry, which utilises signature scents to leave a lasting impression on consumers and make them feel at home and comfortable. Some hotels even use familiar seasonal scents to match the seasonal changes and draw consumers in.

How Does a Signature Scent Work for Marketing?

Once your brand has found that signature scent that represents you, it can be scent marketingdiffused throughout every consumer touch point. This means that every time a consumer interacts with your brand, they will experience the same scent.  Subconsciously, they will learn to associate that scent with your brand. The pleasant smell then allows consumers to attach positive attributes to the brand. This attention to detail attached to your brand identity adds a special something to every consumer experience.

Why Have Your Own Signature Scent?

35% of Fortune 500 companies use scent marketing. This is because changing the consumers’ feelings and associations is the best way to change behaviour. The way your consumers feel during their experience with your brand can determine your bottom line. For example, Nike found that introducing scent marketing in their retail stores increased their intent to purchase by 80%. This same tactic increased the time consumers spent within retail stores, helping to increase their likelihood of more purchases.

The Decorex Signature Scents

Scent marketing

The perfect example of what scent marketing can do is the Decorex showcases. These events take place every year in Durban, Cape Town and Joburg. This year, BrandScents has the opportunity to use scent marketing to enhance the consumer experience of the entire expo. Through BrandScent’s years of expertise in scent marketing, Decorex was able to receive a unique signature scent. This scent helped to convey the correct amount of elegance, sophistication and class that their brand stands for. The scent contains an overall fruity smell with notes of coconut and peach. The scent also includes floral notes like delicate violet and jasmine. Lastly, the scent contains notes of vanilla, musk and sandalwood, to finish off the balanced smell of this elegantly tropical breeze.

The scent of Decorex can even be purchased by consumers who particularly enjoy the unique smell. This means that their memory of the experience can continue on into their own homes. This will also give repeat Decorex attendees the opportunity to reminisce their previous experiences, by simply taking a deep breath the secondscent marketing they walk through the door.

Not only does Decorex have a signature scent that is easily recognisable, their Johannesburg expo also provides a unique scent to each hall. This scent matches the category of the section it falls under. For example, the garden section resonates of fresh grass and wood that give earthy, natural scent notes. These differences in scents help to create the correct atmosphere for consumers to experience and respond to.

The successful implementation of scent marketing in the Decorex space is a great examples of what scent marketing can do. In the same way, your brand could potentially also benefit from the many benefits of a signature scent.